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Companies like yours are concerned with and challenged by reducing the waste created from end-of-life IT assets. Taking care of our health, our wildlife, and the global ecosystem is a responsibility we all share. However, navigating through regulations, costs, and logistics can be overwhelming. With our experience and industry know-how, E-WasteZoom can help your company create an asset recycling plan that addresses these concerns.

What IT Asset we recycle ?

The electronics your business uses every day such as laptops, desktops, printers, mobile devices, monitors, servers, storage devices, and more are all made from and powered by a variety of recyclable materials, We Can Pay for most of them .
Please Backup you data for first step, after backing up you data in secure place than before sending your Device to us Please Wipe All your Data, also we will format and reset factory your Device just for peace of mind.

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