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Digital transformation, if on one side has opened new horizons and a long list of opportunities and possibilities for the world, also has a dark side: E-Waste. E-waste refers to electronic products when they very near to their functioning capacity. This waste also includes those products that are either unwanted or are not working correctly. E-waste is very harmful. It is essential to deal with electronic equipment with great care. It is because it contains very toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health. Some of the harmful chemicals present in E-waste are mercury, cadmium, lead, barium, and lithium. More often, such kind of waste is not disposed of properly, which creates many problems that will be discussed ahead. E-waste is also referred to as EEE (electrical and electronic equipment). If you no longer need your product as you want to buy a new one for yourself, instead of throwing away the prior one, which would lead to E-waste, it is better to give it to someone who still can find it worth using. Those who deal in electronic products keep experimenting. More often, they need parts of an old product or some model of any electric appliance like laptops, rather than throwing your product away. It can be utilized in that perspective as well. Disposing of E-waste requires expert supervision. this is because if any negligence is done and disregarded, animals, plants, and human beings will suffer, but the environment would also get polluted. To make the event’s disposal simple, quick, easy, and highly accessible for anyone anywhere in the world, Tronics Center has brought a solution to it. We deal in disposing of E- waste in the best possible ways. • Tronic Centre Working We have a team of experts with years of experience in this niche; they can help and reach out. Additionally, Tronic Centre is pleased to announce that we have up to mark set up and a well maintained, up to mark fully established working system. Along with doing E-waste management and disposal, we are available with some other services also. These are part of recycling services. • Tronic Centre Strategy Recycling holds great significations and provides benefits to both environment and humans. The hierarchy of recycling is based on 3 R Principles; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We provide Apple products of good quality, which are re used. Instead of buying a new one, you can get the same products from us for higher amounts. Furthermore, you can use it yourself and get assured that it is working fine. This way, we are utilizing the Reuse Principle of Recycling here. Moreover, we have got accessories for electronic devices, instead of complete one whole system. This way, we are adopting, R – Reduce component of Reducing. Apart from this, the R – Recycling component is also considered. E-cycling is the only solution to this problem, and we are working for that. • 4 Major Harmful impacts of E-Waste. E-Waste is very harmful and is creating serious problems for all. Given below are 4 major harmful impacts of e-waste. • E-Waste Impact on Health: E-waste would cause very harmful impacts on your health. They start from minor health issues like fatigue, appetite, sleeplessness, and headache to serious ones like diarrhea, lung cancer, and more. The chemicals involved in e-waste are so severe that they hold strong to cause permanent damage to your body systems like- skeletons system, heart, kidney, and brain. E-waste contains lead which directly impacts blood and kidney problems. It is released into the environment. Furthermore, with improper E-waste disposal, your peripheral nervous system, all are at greater risk. • E-Waste Impact on Soil: Whenever the e-waste seeps into the ground, it starts releasing the harmful chemicals over there. Also, it can go into deeper layers and contaminate water if it’s present there from the soil. The plants that will be growing on that soil would not be healthy at all. In case we eat them, toxic substances would be added to our food first and then our body. And our health is at significant risk. The extent to which your soil gets damage depends on certain factors. This includes the PH of the earth, the temperature of that area, and, more importantly, how your soil is composed. • E-Waste Impact on Water: The problem of waste is more commonly noticed in developing countries as compared to developed ones. Instead of figuring out a solution, people would throw waste in either land or soil. Let them and others suffer from it said his ideas outcomes. When the E-waste is disposed of, it’s thrown away; over time, it deepens more in the earth layers and seeps more commonly in water reservoirs. Water resources like lakes, rivers, and ponds get contaminated with toxic and acidic substances. • E-Waste Impact on Air: In Guiyu, China, e-waste from all over the world is disposed of. It is apparent, people of that area suffer greatly. They have reported severe health problems. It is the responsibility of all states across the globe to ensure quality e-cycling and e disposal. The inhabitants of this area not just suffer from digestive, respiratory problems but also respiratory ones. In case the e-waste gets warmed up, it will release harmful chemicals into the air. And would create not just pollution but also survival problems for all. • 9 Types of E-Wastes? • Major Household equipment: this includes appliances like dryers and washing machines, stoves, AC, and fans. • Smaller Household equipment: These include appliances like kitchen equipment (Coffee machine, toaster, grinder, etc.), and appliances of daily personal care like toothbrushing and shaving appliances, etc.) • Technology: Appliances are from the category of technology. It includes laptops, computers, printers, and other gadgets like notebooks and cell phones. • Audience Equipment: Massive audience equipment. These include audio equipment like a recorder, amplifier, and audio equipment like television and cameras. • Electronic Equipment: In our day-to-day life, we are using massive electronic equipment, and they hold central importance. And significant of all these we use many tools, for various purposes, like either using some designed equipment like drills for modifying any matter (steel, iron or liquid) according to our requirements. • Entertainment: is a critical aspect of our lives, and we adopt different ways for it. It varies according to the age groups. Kids age group play with electric toys, racing cars, etc. Adults go for video gaming or some support activities using electronic appliances. Hence, e-waste is produced in immense amounts, if the waste is not disposed of properly. • Health Sectors: All health sectors need to use heavy machinery for the diagnosis at the first place for carrying out diagnosis at the first place and then proper treatment later. Ventilation, dialysis, and cardio setup are some of the equipment that can lead to significant e-waste. • Electronic Equipment: There, are some electronic equipment that is tough used to have a check and balance on environmental issues and look for the ways that can help cope with the certain issue. It is also possible that such electronic devices like thermostats, detectors themselves lead to creating e-waste. • Automatic devices: This is the era of digitalization. Hence, Automatic devices like dispensers, vendor, and ATMs can also lead to the creation of E-waste, which is very harmful to all. • How can Tronics Center help you? With Tronic Center, you need not worry about the environmental crises any, more. We are present right here to provide you with comfort and helping you to figure the best possible solution for you. We are an all-in-one complete suite that is the first must for you to ensure your safety, the environment, and those around you. Tronics Center has become an all-in-one service provider, facilitator, and problem solver for the modern world. We are headquartered in California- with our services across the globe. You are most welcome to get in touch with us. Our support team is available 24/7 to help you out. Our working procedure is simple. • Why Tronics Center So, what you are waiting for, move forward for the betterment of the ecosystem with Tronics center. With Tronics Center, you need no worries about anything. Our recycling systems are of supreme quality, and we assure you that your e-waste will be disposed of both safely and responsibly. In addition, we would also provide you with certified documentation ensuring it’s done under high quality and up to mark standards. • Take us on board and get started for betterment. Our contact details are available on the website’s contact us section, below. You can take get in touch in the way that suits you most. Right after that member from our contact team, will get in touch with you. You both will have a short discussion; depending upon your connivance, the meeting will be scheduled. All your concerns are first noticed and are then analyzed by the experts of our team. A working plan is framed accordingly in that meeting and is shared with you first and is then executed. Tronics Center ensures that you are getting the best and that it is exactly what you were looking for. •

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