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MacBook Air Battery Diagnosis and Solutions

*Can You Replace MacBook Battery ? Yes, as long as you can source the battery and have basic electronics knowledge 
* Can you change 11″ MacBook Air Battery ?
A: Turn off the Mac Device
B: flip the MacBook and Open the bottom case screw’s
C: disconnect the Batter from logic Board 
D: open all screw’s that holding the Battery ,
E: Lift the battery from its edge and remove it 
F: install the new battery and tight the Battery screw’s 
G: connect the Battery to the logic board
H: close the bottom case and tight the screw’s
I: calibrate the battery for batter result 
* How to Calibrate the MacBook Air Battery ?
A: Connect the Laptop to the power adaptor after battery full installation
B: Let the battery get full charge C: unplug the charger
D: use the laptop until the batter fully drain
E: now you can use your laptop normally  
* How many years Does a MacBook Battery Last ?
it is all depends to how you use the device and how often charge it, Generally speaking A MacBook battery will last Proximately for 4-5 years on average with moderate use before replacement is needed.
* When should I replace my MacBook battery?
Generally Speaking you can considers a MacBook battery worn out after 1000 cycles. You’ll reach that limit depends on how to use the device . You’ll notice that the battery life of your MacBook keeps getting shorter. Your trackpad also might not work well anymore do to swollen battery, also on the top right corner of your Mac Screen might see battery service on !
* Do I need to backup my Mac before replacing battery? 
Generally Speaking You shouldn’t lose any data, but you should definitely back it up before starting the process
* Why is my MacBook Air battery draining so fast?
If your MacBook battery is drain quickly  it’s probably because of some unused apps and functionalities that are running in the background etc…. When not in need , you may disable unused functionalities .
* What does service recommended mean on Mac battery?
There are different condition notification for Mac Battery, if it is Normal: The battery is functioning normally, But if show you Service Recommended: The battery’s ability to hold charge is less than when it was new or it isn’t functioning normally. You May safely continue to use your Mac device, but you should replace the battery as soon as possible.
*How do I know if my Device battery is weak?
A: Battery drains quickly.
B: The Device does not charge after plugged into a charger.
C : The Device does not hold the charger.
E: Device reboots or turn off on its own.
F : Battery overheats.