8pc Professional Anti-static Tweezers and Spudger for Laptop, Cellphone Repair



  • 8 pecs high-quality stainless steel tweezers is resistant to most acids and other corrosive agents.
  • Bent Tips Tweezers: Used for high precision operation and extraction in narrow space.
  • Blunt Tips Tweezers: Used for clamping bigger components.
  • Pointed Tips Tweezers: Used for grabbing tiny components for precise work.
  • Portable Packing- This tweezers set will come with a storage bag, which can provide a full protection for all the kit and is convenient to carry. 
  • What’s more, each tweezers has a suitable plastic protective sleeve to prevent damage to the tip of tweezers, which is convenient to carry.

Material: Stainless steel with ESD coating
Tips: Non-magnetic

 Package includes:
1 x ESD-10 tweezer
1 x ESD-11 tweezer
1 x ESD-12 tweezer
1 x ESD-13 tweezer
1 x ESD-14 tweezer
1 x ESD-15 tweezer

1 x Plastic tweezer
1 x Nylon Spudger
1 x storage bag

EDS-10 : can work with welding integrated circuit chip, or install replacement parts.
EDS-11 : slender tweezers, suitable for small space replacement of precision components.
EDS-12: longer tweezers, the front width is more suitable for clamping circuit boards and other occasions need force.
EDS-13: not easy to damage devices, suitable to extract chips, circuit chips and other small parts from narrow space.
EDS-14 : the whole tip is straight and slender, suitable for precision operation in narrow space.
EDS-15: 45°curved tip, suitable for precision operation and extraction in narrow space.

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Weight 4.00 oz
Number of Pieces




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