Return & Warranty Terms

Terms and Conditions

This sale is subject to the terms and conditions that follow, which replace any additional, different, or conflicting terms and conditions provided in any documents issued by the customer including (but not limited to) purchase orders and specifications. We will not be bound by these outside documents, Warranty and Return Information Unless stated otherwise, all products and services carry 30 Days warranty starting on the date of purchase, There are some products that carry a limited warranty terms.

Consumable Items: Items that are designed to be used up with used carry a lower warranty period, or no warranty period at all. If unused, these items may still be returned for any reason during the 30 day return period. Return Policy, returns are accepted for any reason within 30 days of the date of purchase!

Any returned items that aren’t defective as determined by our testing will be charged a processing fee of up to 35% with a $4.50 minimum. Any items returned after 30 days aren’t eligible for a refund, but we’ll issue store credit for the 50% amount so you can buy something else on our site.

Refused packages or packages that were never claimed will be considered “returned without RMA.” These will be charged the greater of either the 35% processing fee or the full cost of the original shipping.

If you think a part is not working, please double check all connections and do a little troubleshooting before you send it back. If you want any assistance troubleshooting your device, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help. Any returned items that arrive back to our facility damaged or in worse condition than when they were sent will be charged at least a 50% fee depending on the extent of the damage. We must receive returned items in their original, unaltered condition. Defective items are those that mechanically malfunction NOT as a result of user error.

User error is damage caused by the user dropping, spilling, or in some way altering the original state of the product. Improper handling of sensitive parts (e.g. not returning products in the static-shielding bags in which they were originally shipped) is also considered user error. Under no circumstances will international shipping charges or import fees/taxes be reimbursed (see below for more details).

Damaged Packages / Missing Items If you receive a damaged part, you must notify us within two business days of when you receive the package in order to file a damage claim. won’t be held responsible for damage to items that are not reported to us within this time frame. If you receive a damaged part, keep ALL packaging with the item. Without the packaging, we can’t file a claim or replace or repair the goods. Please help us to keep the process simple. If any items are missing from a shipment, we must be notified within Two Business days of when you receive the package.

Don’t worry, We are here for you , we’ll make sure to get you what you ordered. We can only insure items to the delivery address you provide. We are not Responsible for damage to any package that is reshipped to a different address.

Address Changes Unfortunately due to PayPal Policy we can not ship to different address , if you wish to change address you may send Us a cancelation request , Then place order one more time with correct address. Our Shipping batch be out of our facility every day 3:30 PM Pacific Time , We do require 3-5 business days for shipping and Handling.

International Shipping Charges You may be charged import fees/taxes by the government of the country your order is shipping to. We don’t collect or reimburse these fees as they are collected by your order’s destination country. If you want to know whether you’ll be charged import fees, You Must contact your local Customs Office and ask them for fees and duty amount . As seller we are not responsible for Customs and duty process.

If you are located outside of the United States and you refuse a shipment, that shipment will be considered abandoned. No refund will be issued for product or shipping charges unless the product is returned to our facility. If the shipment is returned to our facility, we’ll refund the value of the products only. Shipments that are refused are often slow to return to our facility, and sometimes are never received at all, so please consider the risks when refusing a shipment. Governing Law, Jurisdiction, and Costs This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Texas. without regard to its conflict or choice of law provisions. You are now acknowledging and agreeing that Texas is an appropriate venue of any litigation and that Texas courts have jurisdiction over you and this agreement. Any dispute that comes up under this agreement will be resolved by binding arbitration in the city of Austin, Texas under the rules of the American Arbitration Association. 3rd Party Repair Services Look, we aren’t going to cover installation or other service charges for a part you purchased from us if you take your device to be serviced by a 3rd party. Services performed by a 3rd party on a product you purchased from us or a device that we serviced for you will immediately terminate any active warranty. (We offer repair services for all Apple devices and your product warranty will remain intact. If interested, Reach out to us for a quote.) Installation Damage Under no circumstances will we assume liability for damage to your device that occurs while installing parts or using tools purchased from Entire Agreement These terms and conditions are the entire agreement related to this sale and override any prior agreements, written or oral, relating to this sale. This includes any terms and conditions on any of your documents or purchase orders. This is a binding agreement. If any provision of this agreement is invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this agreement will remain in full force and effect.

Q. How long I can return the part I purchased?

A. From the delivery date you have 30 days to submit a return request, you can Contact us Via email (

Q. What is eligible for return?

A. You may return your order for any reason for full refund minus original shipping cost plus 35% as Long as return is requested within 30days of the delivery date and the item is still in the original condition. ( NOT Defective by user error )

Q. Who will be responsible for the cost of return shipping cost?

A. buyer is responsible to ship back the unwanted item back to us for refund within 2 Business days of the return approval email.

Q. What can void the right of return for refund?

A. If the item returned in different condition or if alternated in any way or no longer in the original condition, or once the return time window expired or if warranty sticker get removed.

Q. How would I start a return?

A. Please Contact us by Email and let us know we will walk you through step by step.

Q. How long it takes to receive my money back?

A. Once we get the part back we process your refund back to your original payment method within 2 to 5 business days.

Q- Whats the warranty coverage on Components or Gadgets Device i purchase from ?

A-all of our parts and electronics are covered under 30 Days warranty at no additional cost only when purchased Directly from ” this website” and other-platforms and marketplaces are not eligible for this warranty, item must be purchased directly through our website, when you buy from other platforms & marketplace your warranty will be limited and you may start the Return Process on the same related platform or market place to the advertised warranty on that platform only and will not be covered under warranty.

Q- What’s the warranty covering and whats the coverage limit?

A-We repair & replace any parts or the entire Gadgets Device that been purchased directly from only when it fails under normal condition, we only cover the cost of diagnostic, parts & labor ! plus trackable return shipping Service to return the fixed Gadget to the buyer address. ( Please note that user error NOT covered by )

Q- What issues are eligible and covered under the warranty?

A- In the event that any item purchased directly from fails within 30 days of the delivery date and it get reported before the warranty expires, We repair or replace at no extra charge as long as the warranty label/sticker is not showing signs of tampering or it’s not been removed, item shows no signs of physical or liquid damage or wrong installation/use and its been not damaged by other connected faulty components and not been exposed to static or handled in static hazards Environment .

Q- How to use the warranty?

A-Easy as one Email and report the problem to Us, Just an email with Return or warranty reason request, Next, once you got the approval email from us you ship the faulty item, once we receive the faulty item along with RMA will fix or ship another one to you, Please note : All returns & warranty packages with no RMA number Will be refused and not honored, must request one by email before mailing anything to us or it will be refused.

Q- Who is responsible for cost of shipping the item for warranty purposes?

A- customer is responsible for all the shipping cost to warranty center address, such as cost of packaging and postage and must ship using trackable shipping method and provide the tracking info via email to once return is approved and customer return the item back, in exchange we ship back the item to the customer at no cost using trackable shipping method.

Q- What’s the average turn-around time?

A-Usually, once we get the faulty item back, will get it repaired or get you another one and ship it back you within approximately 7 to 9 business days, that is not accounting for delivery time as it depends on your location and Post office Processing Time , we ship back using economy method for free, Once warranty request is submitted it takes us 3-5 business day to respond back to the email provided.

Q- What is Not Covered?

A- All lcd screens and laptop lcd display are not covered under the warranty, we do not provide warranty for broken lcd and if we find liquid damage sign, we also do not cover batteries, but can return within 30days if not broken or damaged, Plus any software issue is not covered under this warranty.

Q- Do i need to backup my date when i want to ship for warranty?

A- Yes, you must backup all of your information & data before sending your computer for any repair, are not responsible for any data lose.

Q- Whats happens if im not covered by warranty coverage?

A- In event the item you purchased from do fall outside of our warranty coverage due to reasons that void the warranty customer will be responsible to pay for return shipping cost of the item, all items must be collected within 30 days of actual denial email by providing return shipping label or may be disposed to appropriate recycling facility’s due to shortage of space in our facility’s.

Q- Whats happens if i liquid damage or physically damage the item purchased from, is it gone be covered under Warranty?

A- Simply the answer is No, if you damage the item in anyway that will all the warranty rights under warranty, our warranty only cover issues that occurs under normal circumstances plus do not cover loss due to theft or natural disaster.